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Advanced Insulation is a global leader in the engineering, manufacture and application of insulation and passive fire protection systems, including buoyancy and SURF products (subsea, umbilicals, risers and flowlines) to the offshore and onshore oil and gas industry. The company also manufactures and supplies buoys and fendering systems to the marine industry.

Geographic Coverage

  • United Kingdom
  • Angola
  • Brazil
  • Kazakhstan
  • Korea
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United States

Markets Served

  • Offshore Windfarms
  • Onshore LNG
  • Offshore LNG
  • Topside Offshore Oil & Gas
  • Subsea Oil & Gas

Product Details


ContraTherm® subsea thermal insulation improves flow assurance for subsea structures by way of reducing the formation of hydrate plugs and wax build-ups. ContraTherm® C25 and C55 has been engineered to meet the most technically demanding subsea insulation environments, suitable for tolerating the high temperature and pressure extremes.


The C.TAG/® range of subsea markers are non-toxic, highly visible, long lasting and anti-fouling: ideal for the harsh subsea environment. C.TAG/® has been stated as the next generation of underwater marker systems which facilitates the need for greater surveillance and improved subsea monitoring. With the growth of deepwater oil production, remote and harsher environments, low light conditions and turbid water conditions, C.TAG/® can offer greater visibility and easier identification for ROV operators.


ContraFlame® comes in two forms, Syntactic Phenolic foam (C50 and MS400) and Silicone (B20 and C20).

  • ContraFlame® C50 material used in ContraFlame JF120 is a multifunctional composite system based on unique phenolic syntactic foam and phenolic glass reinforced laminate which combine to provide fire protection and thermal insulation.
  • ContraFlame® MS400 material is a multifunctional composite system based on unique phenolic syntactic foam and phenolic glass reinforced laminate which combine to provide fire protection and thermal insulation.
  • The ContraFlame® B20 flexible joint provides a flexible seal between modules with superior fire, acoustic and blast performance.
  • ContraFlame® C20 material is a unique syntactic silicone that provides combined fire protection and thermal insulation on structures that require flexure.


ContraBlast® blast resistant insulation and passive fire protection provides a robust lightweight solution for both the offshore and onshore oil and gas industry.


ContraFlex® offers a range of tailor-made flexible fire protection and insulation jackets that have design approval from Lloyd’s Register, DNV and/or ABS as standard. Certification currently covers tubular jet fire scenarios, corners and edge features, planar applications as well as hydrocarbon pool fire scenarios on assemblies and structural steel. The ContraFlex® range has been tested according to ISO 22899-1:2007 and UL 1709 which makes ContraFlex® the ideal solution for a wide variety of applications. ContraFlex® insulation jackets offer heat conservation, personnel protection, high temperature and acoustic protection for personnel safety and energy efficiency.


Marine buoyancy, flotation and protection for the Marine environment calls for reliability, light weight and high-resistance against saline corrosion, weathering and harsh variable conditions. The Manuplas® range of buoyancy, flotation and protection systems have been engineered and manufactured to be used effectively by boat builders and maintenance companies, ports and harbours, yacht, sailing clubs and marinas and offshore windfarms.


Bespoke services to meet the requirements of the client, which includes survey, design, manufacture and installation.


Advanced Insulation provides a total environmental lifecycle support for ContraFlex® from design to disposal. As a part of the initial survey we offer to dismantle and dispose of any existing fire protection in order to fit ContraFlex®.


The ContraFlex® design team utilises Lectra software integrated with Carlson proprietary software for 3D product realisation and the operation of 32’ cutting table installed in a mobile production unit.


ContraFlex® is manufactured in the form of a jacket, usually 50-61 mm thick. The thickness of the jacket can vary to suit the requirements of the application. Manufacture can be undertaken either at Advanced Insulation’s facilities or, where appropriate, at a project site anywhere in the world. The ContraFlex® team is headed up by a principal fabrics engineer who has over ten years experience in the manufacture of the flexible jackets and an understanding of their applications within the oil and gas industry.


Full installation instructions are supplied with each jacket, detailing how the components fit together around the protected structure. The jackets are held in place by simple fastening systems, such as stainless steel fixings and / or Velcro straps. Both ContraFlex® and the fixings are designed to be easily removable for maintenance, yet are suitable to withstand exposure at the site.


Philip Watson, Director of Topside Sales – based in Gloucestershire