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Barrier Fire Protection provides passive fire protection services into the oil & gas, petrochemical, nuclear, marine and civil construction markets worldwide.

Who we are

Based at Wallsend, Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom since 1975, Barrier Ltd were established and became prevalent in the offshore fabrication sector providing abrasive blasting, corrosion protection and industrial painting services.

As passive fire protection technology developed and oil & gas facility owners and operators enhance the PFP standards, a natural business progression was identified during the 1980’s. Barrier Fire Protection was formed as a division of the company, to provide with synergy the specialist coatings and passive fire protection capability to the high standards demanded by the industrial majors of the day.

Barrier Fire Protection has been safeguarding customers’ assets for over 35 years , utilising market leading passive fire protection products, and have been a global applicator of epoxy intumescent & subliming materials since the inception of the technology as well as the more traditional cementitious bases pfp systems.

What we do

Barrier Fire Protection installs and applies passive fire protection products and systems which have been developed to protect assets in the event of a catastrophic event such as a blast and subsequent hydrocarbon pool fire or hydrocarbon jet-fire, or cellulosic fire scenario. Our application teams apply or install passive fire protection products which prevent structures reaching their critical core temperature (CCT) for a pre-determined period.

Customers choose Barrier Fire Protection because it is a specialist. Other companies in our sector have diversified or have been absorbed by acquisition and skills have been lost, dissolved and diluted. Barrier Fire Protection by contrast, remains privately owned and focused entirely on passive fire protection.

Geographic Coverage

  • Europe
  • UK
  • Africa


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