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Efectis is a major player in fire science and covers all fire safety expertise in testing and modeling, certification, education and inspection. Based on its 65 years of experience, from small scale to large scale, from materials to construction, Efectis is assessing the fire performance of your products, systems or of your entire project, whatever is the domain (nuclear, transportation, dwellings, infrastructure, tunnels, high rise buildings, industrial process and storage, offices), whatever is the performance (fire resistance, reaction to fire, extinguishing systems, equipment, etc.).


  • France
  • The Netherlands
  • Turkey
  • UK/Ireland
  • Spain
  • Middle East
  • Morocco

Service Keywords

PFP Consulting

  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • CFD Fire Modelling and Fire Load Response Analysis
  • Fire Safety Engineering and PFP Optimisation
  • Training

Research & Testing

  • Fire testing (Material behaviour, constructions and on site)
  • Certification services
  • Approvals
  • Test Data Analysis

Site Support

  • Onsite testing
  • Inspection
  • Assessment


  • Assessment of steel and concrete exposed to high temperatures
  • In-situ testing
  • Large scale fire testing
  • Tunnel safety
  • Fire safety on nuclear sites


Jerome Visse or Roman Chiva

Email: jerome.visse@efectis.com or roman.chiva@efectis.com