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PPG is a world leader in protective and marine coatings, developing products that protect customers’ assets in some of the world’s most demanding conditions and environments.  PPG’s PFP (Passive Fire Protection) coatings are used extensively throughout the oil, gas and petrochemical industries to protect safety critical structures and equipment from the ever present threat of hydrocarbon hazards such as spills, explosions and fires.

Geographic Coverage

  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • America
  • Africa
  • Asia

Markets Served

  • Civil Infrastructure
  • Offshore
  • Petrochemical
  • Power
  • Marine New-Build
  • Marine Dry Dock
  • Marine Sea Stock

Product Details


The PITT-CHAR XP coating is PPG’s solvent-free epoxy intumescent coating, which provides excellent protection against intense hydrocarbon pool and jet fires. An extremely robust coating, its unique flexibility protects steel against mechanical abuse and ensures intact fire protection after explosive incidents that often coincide with petrochemical hydrocarbon fires. It is trusted worldwide to provide most durable protection against solvents, acids, alkalis, salts and abrasion, while retaining its advanced fire and corrosion protection properties. All this makes the PITT-CHAR XP coating the ideal PFP choice for harsh weather conditions, chemical environments, and virtually any hostile industrial situation.


  • Product selection
  • Surface preparation
  • Standards guidance


Richard Holliday, Global Director Hydrocarbon PFP – based in UK
Email: Holliday@ppg.com
Website: ppgpmc.com