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As a leader in the development of passive fire protection products for the hydrocarbon and chemical process industries, Thermal Designs, Inc. has researched and tested
hundreds of materials enabling the offering of the current passive fire protection solutions. Quality and craftsmanship are synonymous in the design and manufacture of
our products. 23 years of experience have led the serious fire and safety professionals to Thermal Designs, Inc. in search of long term, reliable, low cost solutions for passive fire protection.

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  • Chemical process

Product Details


Specifically designed and formulated for critical control components, K-Mass® has become the preferred choice of protection based on performance. K-Mass® provides
superior insulation characteristics in high heat flux, rapid temperature rise hydrocarbon fires by maintaining cooler surface temperatures, lower heat transfer rates, and cools the components in sudden ambient temperature increases to 1093°C / 2000°F.


K-Cabs™ are custom designed and fabricated K-Massâ coated, stainless steel, instrument and electrical component cabinets. K-Cabs™ are tested to provide a minimum of 30 minutes of protection in a 1093°C/2000°F hydrocarbon fire. The cabinet is designed to NEMA -4X requirements, which allow for mounting of non-arcing or sparking electrical components and terminal strips within the cabinet. K-Cabs™ have been installed in many major Oil Producers’ facilities in hazardous zones or locations.


K-Guards™ are custom designed and manufactured passive fire protection covers that allow field fit to existing critical controls. Constructed from cast K-Mass® and tested to the rigorous conditions of a UL1709 Fire Test, K-Guards™ allow the protected equipment to operate and survive in exposures in excess of 1093°C/2000°F for 30 minutes. Levers and wheels extend outside the covers permitting operation without removal of covers. K-Guards™ reduce the cost of fireproofing electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic controls allowing refit to meet new API or insurance carrier requirements.

Fireproof Enclosures™

Fireproof Enclosures™ are custom designed to provide 30 or 60 minutes of protection in 1093°C/2000°F hydrocarbon fires. Originally produced in 1979 the latest designs are optioneered to provide maximum flexibility of installation and maintenance while providing superior fire protection and greater product life than any other insulation type removable passive fire protection in the market.


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Ray Browne, General Manager – based in the UK