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It has long been felt that the bolted connections in multi-storey steel frames and structures have been the Achilles’ heel in fire resistant design. The connection is a critical element of the frame and is seldom treated as such. Typhoon Performance Products ‘Boltcap’ is a solution designed to satisfy this problem.

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Product Details

Currently there are three versions of bolt cap product available for differing fire threat levels:-

C grade bolt cap designed for steel famed buildings to be used in conjunction with passive fire protective coatings (pfp coatings) and providing cellulosic fire protection up to 90 minutes (tested to BS 476 part 20).

HB grade bolt cap designed to be used in conjunction with passive fire protective coatings (pfp coatings) for steel framed structures and versions of this grade provide cellulosic fire protection up to 180 minutes (tested to ASTM E119/ UL263) and hydrocarbon/jet fire protection up to 120 minutes (tested to UL 1709/ISO 22899), a further enhanced version able to provide hydrocarbon/jet fire up to 240 minutes is under consideration.

PX grade bolt caps are intended to be able to provide the very highest levels of protection against blast and high heat flux jet fire exposure as well as cryogenic exposure. They are designed to be used for stand alone bolt protection on flanges, tunnels etc where there is no pfp coating and enable easy cyclic inspection.

Custom as well as standard geometries are available and bolt caps are available either direct in bulk or globally via AKZO Nobel / International Paints under their Interchar and Chartek brands.


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Dave Woolstencroft, Managing Director – based in the UK
Email: dave@dwsc.eu
Website: typhoonproducts.com