We are Looking for Bidders for the PFP Inspectors Training Course

PFPNet is looking for a subcontractor to develop training material for a PFP Inspectors course that is intended, in the first instance, for the inspection of cementitious and epoxy intumescent coatings. 

The course will be delivered worldwide by IMechE Argyll Ruane in conjunction with ICorr, and is intended for Inspectors of spray applied PFP coatings. It is not an applicators course and it is not intended for inspectors involved in integrity management of older systems. It is a course for those involved in inspecting new PFP applications. Bidders can be Members or non-Members of PFPNet and can be companies, individuals or groups of individuals. In looking for suitable bidders, PFPNet is looking for experience with PFP in general, its requirements and specification, coatings application methods, inspection/QA methods for coatings, and an understanding of international practices.

A bid document is being prepared that defines the scope of the course and the likely timings, and in what form the material for the course should be delivered to PFPNet. Oversight of the material development will come from a technical subcommittee of PFPNet members. The completed course material will be delivered to PFPNet by the end of 2019. Please contact PFPNet through the PFPNet website to express an interest.