Aged and Damaged Passive Fire Protection Acceptance Criteria

We have kicked off our project on Aged and Damaged Passive Fire Protection Acceptance Criteria – and we are looking for your help!  The ultimate aim of the project is to develop acceptance criteria that can be used for assessing the condition of fireproofing and PFP and determining its acceptability or otherwise.  The first step towards this is a gap analysis to identify any studies, research, testing or any knowledge development that has looked at quantifying the effects of age or damage on the fire resistance performance of passive fire protection systems, and whether it might be possible to gain access to that information as part of the project.

The project is considering all forms of passive fire protection, including concrete fireproofing, epoxy and cementitious coatings, dry fit and insulation materials and systems, etc.  We want to understand how these systems are affected and how protected items such as structural steel, barriers and bulkheads, process equipment and other items are affected by the damaged PFP, both in a fire and from the point of view of their integrity.

We are not looking for assessment methodologies or the results of anomaly assessments.  We are looking for the data on the effects of size, extent and age that can be used in these assessments.  If you know of any work, or have been directly involved with research on aged or damaged passive fire protection, or how structures and plant are affected by the damage, then we would like to hear from you at