New Member – LINDE GmbH

We would like to welcome Linde to the Passive Fire Protection Network! Linde has been optimizing gas processing technologies for 140 years, successfully delivering more than 4,000 plant engineering projects around the globe. Favoring trusted, lasting business relationships, the company collaborates closely with customers to enhance plant lifecycle productivity and innovate process flows. The company’s

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Benarx Epoxy Product Range

The Benarx Epoxy Product Range is a prefabricated, high performance and removable PFP solution that can be used on process equipment items, structural steel areas, piping, cable trays, instrumentation items on LNG/FLNG, offshore platforms, floating vessels and downstream projects.The system has been extensively tested across different passive fire protection standards (ISO 22899/UL1709/BS476/IMO A.754/GOST) as well

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New Member – WIWA

We are pleased to introduce yet another company to PFPNet - WIWA! WIWA, a family owned company, manufactures devices and equipment for a diverse array of customer specifications under the highest of quality standards at the location where the company was founded in Lahnau, Germany. To find out more, please click here. Our network is

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New Member – Armacell

We are pleased to announce that Armacell are the latest company to join PFPNet! As the inventors of flexible foam for equipment insulation and a leading provider of engineered foams, Armacell develops innovative and safe thermal, acoustic and mechanical solutions that create sustainable value for its customers. Find out more here:

New Member – Armacell 2020-07-11T15:32:05+01:00

Technical Subcommittee for Fire Protection in Tunnels Up and Running

The new PFPNet Technical Subcommittee for Fire Protection in Tunnels recently held its first formal (online) meeting since an initial meeting in January to assess the interest and scope for a tunnels Technical Subcommittee within the PFPNet organisation. A second meeting was then held to clearly define what priority tasks should be undertaken and to

Technical Subcommittee for Fire Protection in Tunnels Up and Running 2020-05-03T10:11:53+01:00

New Member – Park Derochie

We'd like to welcome our newest member on board - Park Derochie! Recognized by the Journal of Protective Coatings and Linings (JPCL) as one of the Top 10 Contractors; ranked No. 4 in North America, and No.1 in Canada, Park Derochie specializes in all types of Coatings & Blasting, Fireproofing, Mechanical Insulation, Scaffolding and Containment.

New Member – Park Derochie 2020-03-15T11:38:46+00:00

The PFPNet Testing, Assessment and Certification (TAC) Document

The TAC Document is a guidance document that provides an overview of the main features and processes involved in the testing, assessment and certification/approval of passive fire protection (PFP) products and systems. The document explains the product performance testing and approval process in general terms and will have many potential users. To download your copy,

The PFPNet Testing, Assessment and Certification (TAC) Document 2020-02-09T10:44:51+00:00

The PFPNet Roadmap is Available to Download Now!

This guidance document (The PFPNet Roadmap) has been designed to lead the reader through the process of developing a Passive Fire Protection (PFP - also referred to as "fireproofing") scheme, starting from the actual fire risk and associated scenarios up to the point where a PFP scheme or PFP system is specified. The PFPNet Roadmap

The PFPNet Roadmap is Available to Download Now! 2020-02-09T10:45:35+00:00