Fundamentals of Cryogenic Spill Protection 

PFPNet has developed a short “fundamentals” guidance document that describes the minimum information required to be provided to a CSP system manufacturer that will allow them to specify the correct type and thickness of CSP required, based on the ISO 20088 test data. 

Even slight changes in any of the fundamental variables that affect CSP performance can have a significant impact on the design and cost of a CSP system. Supplying the right information to CSP providers will help manage those risks and it includes a simple proforma that can be completed with the required information. The guidance is intended to provide a common understanding of the critical parameters to the many disciplines involved with CSP across the industry.

PFPNet is planning to develop more detailed guidance in a Part 2 document. Part 2 will consider the topic of CSP and the application of the ISO 20088 standard in more detail, helping with the detailed design considerations that generate the fundamental specification data.

Download the fundamentals guidance document here.