Qualification and Training Programmes

PFPNet is considering two “schemes” that are aimed at demonstrating competency:

  • The qualification and training of individuals (Qualified Applicator). 

Here, the qualification is based on an assessment of competency obtained by both classroom and practical training, and through experience.

  • The qualification and registration of companies (Qualified Application Contractor). 

A successful registration is by an audit of the use of processes and procedures that are used for quality management during application.

Both are ways that contracting companies and individuals can demonstrate their commitment to quality, making them attractive to each other, and ultimately to end users who will procure application services.  Adoption of these programmes by end users into their company and project specifications is the measure of their success.

Before developing the detail of these programmes, PFPNet is engaged in a consultation process with potential partners who can help with the delivery of training and the management and award of any qualification.  The purpose of the consultation is to identify the best ways to maximise geographical coverage and uptake of the programme, and to manage the ongoing operations of the schemes, before the detail is developed.  If you would like to be involved with the working group for this important PFPNet activity, then please contact john.dunk@pfpnet.com.