Developing Preliminary PFP schemes for Hydrocarbon Facilities – Introducing the PFPNet Design Fires Guidance Document.

A frequent requirement during the design of hydrocarbon project developments is to make an estimate of the type and extent of passive fire protection that might be installed on the facility as early as possible in the design process.   Very often this is needed when details are not fully defined, and the design is developing and not yet finalised, resulting in PFP becoming a last minute consideration when it really doesn’t need to be.  

PFPNet has developed a process and data that can be used to make this estimation through the application of generic fire risk data, which has been synthesised from a review of multiple real projects, to predict the characteristics of jet and pool fires and their extent.  This can be quickly used to develop the preliminary PFP specification suitable for initial estimating purposes, and to aid optimisation.   The method will find use in onshore plants, as well as fixed and floating offshore facilities, that produce or process oil and gas.  Its basis is founded in the experience built up over many years of the fire hazards that are found in similar plants and layouts that frequently require mitigation.

The PFP schemes developed by this new approach are not intended for final implementation, and don’t replace a detailed assessment, but when the design is at an early stage and evolving, the PFPNet guidance will provide a valuable “first pass” to aid the project delivery.

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