Future Workscopes – It’s Time to Vote

During the two days of the PFPNet 2018 conference, various areas for future study, research, guidance and training were identified. These have all been collated into categories as listed below. A poll will be sent by email to all members in the coming week, and this first round of voting will filter the list to those topics that have the majority backing. Once the main list has been established, another poll will be issued so that we can ascertain our upcoming priorities and plan ahead.

Design and Detailing

  • 3-Sided Protection
  • Coatbacks
  • Detailers Manual
  • Vessel Supports
  • Design Fire Scenarios
  • AFFF/PFP/AFP Interaction

 Training and Certification

  • Test Witness Training
  • High Heat Flux Test Protocol
  • Part 2 of TAC – Testing and Assessing Products
  • Testing/Modelling

Integrity Management

  • Inspection Methods
  • PFP Integrity Inspector Training
  • Ageing/Damaged Materials – New Research Programme
  • Generic Best Practice in Repairs

Application and Installation

  • Owners Inspector Training
  • Applicator/Installer Training
  • Applicator/Installer Accreditation
  • Owners Inspector Training


  • Introduction to PFP Training Material
  • What Went Wrong?
  • Guidance on Best Practice for Smooth Running of PFP Projects