PFPNet Officially Begins Work Scopes

With 23 member companies, PFPNet has officially begun! Initially, we sought to recruit 30 member companies before embarking upon our 2017 proposal– however, to maintain momentum, a narrower initial scope of work is being focussed on. The first year will therefore comprise of the most pressing issues identified at PFPNet’s launch meetings in both Manchester, UK, and Texas, Houston.

In 2017, PFPNet will focus on:

  • Seeking new members
  • Creating the website with Members portal
  • Developing a document that will define the roadmap for how to develop a PFP scheme
  • Establishing the process of engaging with standards bodies
  • Beginning the process for developing an accredited scheme
  • Hosting an annual conference

Building the roadmap, engaging standards bodies and creating an accredited scheme will all be managed via sub-committees. Member companies are currently putting individuals forward for these, including nominations for committee chairs. Sub-committee meetings will commence mid-July.

As more members join PFPNet over the next year, the group intends to commence the further work tasks that were identified in the original proposal. Since announcing the formation of sub-committees to those that have previously expressed an interest in PFPNet, enquiries have increased, and it is anticipated that more companies will join in the coming months.