PFPNet Technical Conference 2022

The conference/meeting is structured to update you on the progress of the work we have undertaken recently, to hear your opinions on a future overall strategy for PFPNet, and to collect your views on the outstanding areas that PFPNet should focus on improve quality of installation, specification and design, and how that is best tackled.

The basic structure of the event is:

Day 1 – Tuesday 15th November 2022 – 9.30am to 5pm

  • Presentations of the project work undertaken during 2021/2022
  • A discussion on the direction of PFPNet and how it might operate going forward
  • Evening Dinner – 7pm

Day 2 – Wednesday 16th November – 9.30am to 3.30pm

A series of facilitated workshops/discussions on future priority areas for PFPNet.  Some areas have already been identified by PFPNet Members as being required, and cover both installation/site-based activities and specification/design/testing topics.  The workshops will be organised into streams to allow any attendee to participate in two workshops that should be of relevance to them.  If there are a number of colleagues from your company also attending then you should be able to cover most of the workshops.


  • Day 1 – For PFPNet members only.   As PFPNet members, any number of Member company delegates can attend the session and the evening dinner.
  • Day 2- The event dinner and Day 2 will be open to invited guests from Owners and Contractors, who will be invited to contribute their opinions in the workshops

Any non-Members or non-invited guests who wish to attend the full 2 days of the event will be charged a conference fee.

Date and Venue

Tuesday 15th & Wednesday 16th of November.

Manchester Hall, 36 Bridge Street, Manchester, M3 3BT.

Spaces will be limited, so please register for the event as soon as possible!


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