PFPNet to develop a Code of Practice for PFP Application

PFPNet have been working on the question of how to improve standards in application of PFP materials with the assistance of a Training Technical Subcommittee formed of PFPNet members with significant experience in this area. The overall objective of improving competency and quality in PFP installation is a subject of significant interest and importance in the industry which, in recent years, has seen expertise and quality fall with some high-profile installation failures new construction projects.

PFPNet is embarking on a programme for training and accreditation of contractors and applicators to tackle these issues and at the recommendation of its Training Technical Subcommittee members will first develop a Code of Practice for PFP Application which will be the guidance document for the overall programme.

PFPNet invites companies and individuals who are not currently members of the organisation to join and contribute to this important activity.  Please contact .