PFPNet2018 Conference

The date for the first Annual PFPNet conference is set for 20/21 June 2018 in Manchester, UK.

The PFPNet2018 conference programme has been assembled to reflect what PFPNet wants to achieve – education, knowledge capture, seeking solutions to problems, stimulating ideas, providing a networking forum, and setting a forward-looking agenda.

This first PFPNet conference is your chance to hear what PFPNet has been doing to date, to hear some of the latest thinking on issues affecting fireproofing, and to influence the direction of PFPNet over its next year of activity.

Who can attend?

The conference is open to everyone.

Member organisations of PFPNet can have up to three delegates attend the full conference at no charge. Non-members, or member organisations requiring more than 3 delegates, can attend at a rate of £800 per delegate for the full 2 days.

Preliminary Agenda

Day 1 – Sessions 1 and 2PFPNet Activity Presentations

Sessions 1 and 2 and will deliver presentations on the work undertaken by the Technical Subcommittees of PFPNet. This will introduce the delegates to the PFPNet guidance documents on Developing a Fireproofing Scheme, and on Testing and Certification.

Presenters will also report to the conference on how PFPNet is engaging with International Standards Bodies, and make a recommendation on how PFPNet will provide training and accreditation to meet its primary purpose – to raise understanding and competency levels across the many stakeholder groups.

Day 1 – Session 3 – New R&D Activities

Session 3 will inform delegates on new R&D topics that are specifically designed to address some current and relevant needs for known deficiencies in knowledge. Topics will include:

  • Structural performance parameters when specifying coating systems.
  • High Heat Flux jet fire test data review and Implications for Future Testing.
  • Techniques for through coating inspection.

Day 1 – Session 4 – New Technologies – Graphene and 2D Materials Technologies

Manchester is the home of Graphene, with the University of Manchester developing the National Graphene Institute and the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre, which is located adjacent to the Conference venue. Its many unique properties, its increasing availability, and advances in compounding technologies provide opportunities for use in fireproofing materials and systems. This session will let delegates hear about graphene and some of the work that is happening now, and hopefully stimulate development ideas.

Evening Conference Dinner

Day 2 – Session 5 – Interfaces

Many problems with the effective implementation and long term integrity of fireproofing schemes are often down to interfaces. This session discusses the issues around how organisations, safety systems and fireproofing systems are interfaced, and explores where improvement could be made. Topics for presentation are around:

  • Improving organisational interfaces from design through to installation
  • Issues around the interfacing of safety systems, active fire protection systems and passive fire protection systems for effective safety and loss prevention
  • Experiences of interfaces between different fireproofing systems

Day 2 – Session 6 – Testing and Certification into the Future

A session focused on looking to the future of how we demonstrate that a fireproofing system meets the performance requirements. From recognising that hazards aren’t just fires that last 60 minutes, to using alternatives to testing for making the demonstration of performance. Speakers will consider:

  • Scenario definition and making scenario-based performance demonstrations
  • Demonstrating performance by modelling, and not just testing
  • The Certifiers longer term outlook on the way forward

Day 2 – Session 7 – System 101 – Understanding Systems

A complete fireproofing scheme is made up of many systems to give the required level of fire protection. As part of PFPNet’s commitment to learning and education, three half hour sessions will describe the essential basics around some of those systems – from the different available systems to how those systems are tested and certified. For PFPNet2018, this education session will cover:

  • Jacket and boxes
  • Penetration sealing
  • Combined fire and thermal insulation systems

Day 2 – Session 8 – PFPNet in 2018/19 – Establishing the priorities

The conference closes with a final session that looks at how PFPNet is working and then proposes, discusses, and votes on, the topics to be addressed by PFPNet in Year 2 of its operation.


Call for Speakers

Some of the sessions have speakers identified but there are still opportunities to contribute to the conference. If you have a subject that fits with the agenda above then please let us know by emailing and we will contact you.

Register your Interest

Please email to register for PFPNet2018.

Conference Dinner Sponsorship

An opportunity exists to sponsor the PFPNet2018 Conference Dinner on the evening of the Tuesday 20th June. If this is something that interests you then please contact for more details.