Proposal for PFPNet Activities in 2017 Released

PFPNet is an industry organisation, open to all interested parties to become members, and funded by membership subscription.  The group is run purely for the benefit of its members as a not-for-profit organisation with the objective of increasing knowledge of passive fire protection and to raise standards and awareness generally across an industry that is highly dispersed around the globe, and where if standards exist, are more often than not inconsistently applied, even though they are there to protect life, business, and the environment.

The group was officially launched in September via a one-day technical meeting, which was held at Manchester Metropolitan University.  The meeting provided the opportunity for industry representatives to agree the aims for the organisation and collectively define and agree the forward agenda and deliverables for PFPNet.  Since September, PFPNet’s Steering Committee have been working hard on the group’s proposal for 2017, which is now available for potential members.  Amongst other things, the proposal outlines:

  • What PFPNet is and what it isn’t
  • The aims of PFPNet
  • The systems that PFPNet will cover
  • Who should join PFPNet
  • The benefits to members
  • How PFPNet will be governed and administered
  • The proposed scope of work for 2017
  • PFPNet membership fees

Several companies have already expressed their desire to join the group, confirming the real need for PFPNet to be established.

To find out more about PFPNet, please download a copy of the proposal by clicking here.