Raising Standards in Passive Fire Protection

Have you registered to attend the PFPNet Technical Meeting yet? The event is a must if you would like to contribute to raising standards among users of PFP in the hydrocarbon industries. So far we have received a lot of registrations – and places are limited. With just over a month to go, the above image is a look at just some of the companies that have representatives attending on September 7th in Manchester.

What is PFPNet?

PFPNet is an independent, subscription-funded body, dedicated to raising standards in the use of PFP in industries where hydrocarbons are present. PFPNet will achieve this aim by setting a future technical agenda, and educating based on what has been learned from the past.

PFPNet is a not-for-profit industry-funded body focused on serving the needs of the users of hydrocarbon fireproofing materials and systems, through a focus on education, training, capturing and retaining existing knowledge, researching key topics, clarifying points of confusion and disseminating this to the membership, and to the industry at large – all with the aim of improving quality. PFPNet is focused on the needs of the users of PFP.

What is the PFPNet Technical Meeting?

This is your chance to agree the aims for the organisation and collectively define and agree the forward agenda and deliverables that will help PFPNet to achieve its goal – raising standards amongst users of PFP in the hydrocarbon industries.

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