Technical Subcommittee for Fire Protection in Tunnels Up and Running

The new PFPNet Technical Subcommittee for Fire Protection in Tunnels recently held its first formal (online) meeting since an initial meeting in January to assess the interest and scope for a tunnels Technical Subcommittee within the PFPNet organisation. A second meeting was then held to clearly define what priority tasks should be undertaken and to elect a chair, who would take responsibility for the activities of the group. We are pleased to announce that Micha de Jong of Efectis has been elected to this position.

It was agreed that a key area that needs to be addressed is passive fire protection in tunnels, which is often quoted as inferior in comparison to active fire protection. The subcommittee will be therefore be developing a ‘White Paper’ promoting the benefits of passive fire protection in tunnels and dispelling incorrect information in this area. 

In addition, the subcommittee considered other key specific work areas, which included:

  • Harmonisation of test standards
  • Developing a common voice and message to promote passive fire protection in tunnels
  • Developing and sustaining a central point of knowledge and information relating to this subject
  • Taking the forward-looking position relating to potential changes in requirements for tunnel safety due to new energy systems for vehicles and in relation to sustainability and durability of PFP systems

The tunnel subcommittee would welcome support from existing members and companies with an interest in passive fire protection for this application – you do not need to be a PFPNet member to get involved. For further information please contact Micha de Jong ( or John Dunk (