Seminar: The Netherlands’ Approach to Fire Safety in Tunnels

We are hosting a 1 hour on-line seminar on Monday 14th March – The Netherlands’ Approach to Fire Safety in Tunnels.

Our Speaker

The seminar will be presented by Tineke Wiersma of the Rijkswaterstaat (RWS). Tineke is Senior Tunnel Safety Advisor at RWS, which is part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management – responsible for the design, construction, management and maintenance of the main infrastructure facilities in the Netherlands. As tunnel safety advisor she participates in several design and construct projects for new tunnels in The Netherlands, and was involved in the development of the Dutch Tunnel Standard. Tineke is also in charge of the maintenance and improvement of the Dutch quantitative risk model on tunnel safety, QRA-tunnels.  She joined Rijkswaterstaat some 14 years ago, after a career in the Dutch research organization TNO, where she was a project leader, consultant, and researcher at the Department of Industrial and External Safety, dealing with external safety, risk analysis, disaster management and tunnel safety. She graduated from Twente University in 1989 in applied mathematics, and held a post-doc position at the Nijmegen University on the topic of system-dynamic modelling of the dental care system in the Netherlands.


During our session, Tineke will give an introduction on how fire safety in tunnels is incorporated in the Dutch tunnel safety regulation and the risk analysis methods used in the Netherlands. In the presentation the Dutch quantitative risk analysis method will be explained in more detail, with a focus on the quantification of the fire risks.

How do I Register?

If you would like to join us via Teams, please fill out the registration form below – letting us know which time slot you prefer. A link to the event will be sent nearer the time.

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